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Day 29

The rains have begun. Living in Seattle did not prepare me for rains such as these. It literally gushes. The roads and ditches fill with water and many places become giant mud pits. I’m pretty positive I will end up flat on my back covered in mud before my time here is up. The earth here is primarily clay so it makes it very slick and sticky. The dirt’s red-orange in color and provides a great contrast to the lush greens when it is wet.


Everyone is so grateful that the rains have begun because the economy is primarily agriculturally based. The majority of individuals here have plots of land, shambas, where they grow staples such as maize and greens. Their culture revolves around the shamba; inheritance and wealth are connected to the land. One is even buried on their shamba when they die. Although many people are now based in town they still maintain their shamba at their ancestral home.

A couple unpleasant aspects of the rain besides the massive amounts of mud are that the electricity always goes out when it rains. This is on top of the other random times it goes out throughout the day. It’s pretty much guaranteed to go out at least once a day but the rains have compounded that. It also makes the sewage overflow on my road, filling the ditch with raw sewage. Yuck.

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