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Archive for April 15, 2009

Day 42

There is definitely gender inequality here and rampant sexual harassment but for me personally it has been more entertaining than offensive. I get a lot of I love yous and will you marry me. I also enjoy the ‘hello Ms. Obama’. My favorite was one of the other interns was asked if she wanted to create the next Barack. Some have definitely been more lewd than I will get into here but it’s been very entertaining for the other interns and me to compare stories over a Tusker beer.

I have one co-worker that continually hints at his desire to marry me although one incident may have deterred him. We were having a tea break and one of our co-workers was teasing him about the fact that he was wearing shoes with no socks and that he needed to get a wife so that he would have clean socks available. He said that maybe he would get an American wife for this. I quickly informed him that no American wife would be washing his socks for him and that he would have to wash them himself. He responded indignantly and went on to ask me about laundry, cooking, etc. in the US. I told him whoever gets home first cooks, whomever needs laundry done just does it. Utterly astounded, he responded, ‘that’s not a marriage, that’s a partnership.’ In which I replied, ‘Exactly!’

He wasn’t too sure about what he thought of this but I think marriage was banished from his mind completely when he asked about multiple wives, which I told him was illegal in the US. He comes from a family where his father had fourteen wives; polygamy is a regularly occurring practice still although it is now illegal to have more than four wives. He then stated that he would like to visit the US but could never live there.