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Day 47

I’m getting to a point where nothing surprises or startles me anymore. Gecko running around my room, no problem. This morning I go out to the bathroom and there is a man using a machete to cut our grass, the entire yard by machete! Everything can be done with a machete here. Last weekend the boys redid the chicken coop with wooden plank walls instead of mud. All done with a machete, it was used for sawing the boards to length, hammering the nails, everything.

I then went back into the house and there is a chicken on the couch. Whatever, no worries. It had been herded into the kitchen to get butchered, another task had to be dealt with so it tried to make it’s escape by going into the living room.


Headed out to work, get totally covered in sticky mud, again, just normal. Walk past a cow and a few sheep standing in the ditch munching on garbage. Women passing me with huge bags of charcoal or baskets balanced on a rolled piece of fabric on their heads held up by their ridiculously strong neck muscles. Shake a few children’s hands; answer ‘how are you?’ about 50 times. Jump off my boda and walk down the road to work, buy some bananas from a lady on the side of the road. Navigate around the cows to get to the front door of our office. Get to work, check my email for five minutes then the electricity goes out for the next four hours. All just normal stuff.

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