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Day 43

I live kind of near the children’s drop-in center so I will stop by in the mornings on the way to work to see if any other staff members are there. On the way, I got stopped by some boys who launched into a story in Swahili. I was like I don’t understand; luckily one of the boys spoke enough English to tell me about the boy with him. That both of his parents are dead and that he needs help. They just stopped me because I was the white girl walking down the road but I was actually able to say come on, let’s go, I can help. We got to the drop-in center and the staff member was able to process him and he is now staying there until they can check out his story and complete a home tracing. He will be able to start school with the other boys next week. All of this was completed in the span of a half an hour.

According to his story, his parents had died and his grandma went to Nairobi and left him. The area chief told him to walk to town because there a good Samaritan would help him. Luckily, he had only been in town for five days and hadn’t fallen into the wrong crowd, which usually leads to a lot of behavioral issues.

Most of the boys are around during the day this month because school is on break so today I attempted to teach them how to play Frisbee while in my skirt and heels. My younger cousin had given me a Frisbee to take along to give to them and it was a perfect way for them to pass the time.


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