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Day 51


One of the other interns received a grant to put in a water catchment system at a local informal school.  Today they finished the installation of the tank and rainwater catchment system so I went for a visit to see it.  During the rainy season there is plenty of water but it’s not very accessible.  They will be able to use the water collected in the tank instead of drinking contaminated river water.  The final process involved covering the tank with grain sacks and chicken wire, which were then covered in waterproof cement to protect the tank.


I was more of an observer, not very useful, although I did attempt to help make tea.  Tea is an endeavor here.  One of the boys got a large tree pole that was then chopped up for firewood.  Inside one of the school rooms, one of the women helping with the project got a fire going to boil the water/milk/tea/sugar mixture.  Probably not the healthiest to have a bonfire indoors but that’s the way they do it.


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