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Day 66

Today we made a trip to Kisumu to buy the boys’ books, balls, games, colors, notebooks, etc.  We took the long way back from Kisumu past all of these amazing rock formations.  It was like giant rocks had rained from the sky.  One was two stories high. Along the road there were people hammering large rocks into tiny chunks.  The road was lined with little mounds of these rocks that they then sell per mound to make concrete. This way also has a sign that marks the equator, which was cool to actually see.  Once we got back to Kakamega we hit the market for used clothes and sandals.  My co-worker was wheeling and dealing and got great prices so we were able to get both the young boys and the older boys new shirts and sandals.


Thank you so much to everyone that donated money for the street boys project. The boys were so excited because we were able to get everything they requested.  It will help the staff plan organized activities with the boys and keep them occupied after school and on the weekends. It will also teach them the importance of taking care of their possessions.  Most importantly it will give them an outlet to let out their energy, have some fun, and escape their situations for a little bit.


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