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Day 70

I had 24 hours in Nairobi before my flight so I took advantage of it.  Was able to hire a guide that took me all over the place so that I could see everything I wanted to.  We went to the Nairobi Park first, which is a big game park right outside of Nairobi.  At first we only saw a few ostriches but then we stumbled onto the mother-load.  There were all of these animals acting all skitterish but sticking around, gazelle, zebras, water buffalo, ostriches, and impala with vultures circling.  In the middle of the mêlée was a lion with a huge mane dragging his downed meal into the shade, an impala.  It was weird because all of the other animals just stood around watching.  Maybe it was because they knew he already had his meal.  We also saw a bunch of giraffes, a few up close including a young one.

We then headed to the baby elephant orphanage.  They open for an hour each day so that people can watch them get their mud baths. They were all so tiny and cute.  Most of them had sad stories about how their mothers had been poached for their ivory or killed for damaging crops.  There was also an orphaned black rhino, which was sooo tiny.  He ran around and we all got to touch his still soft skin. (If you are interested in adopting one of the babies here is the website Then we headed to the giraffe sanctuary where I was able to get up close and personal with a giraffe.  Finally, we hit the market to pick up some last minute souvenirs, then I got an iced coffee, yeah!, before heading to the airport.


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